Mark Morton

Mark is an Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer of a leading Australian aviation services company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Mark was born and educated in the United Kingdom, where he qualified as a chartered accountant and worked for a leading accounting firm. He later accepted an overseas appointment to the firm’s office in Papua New Guinea.

During this time, Mark provided professional services to local businesses, multinationals in the private sector, government departments, and national and international not-for-profit organisations. In particular, Mark spent much of his time working with charitable groups, raising funds to assist underprivileged and developing communities in Papua New Guinea. He helped establish grant development programs and business partnerships focused on creating economic and social impact.

Mark’s executive career, spanning nearly 30 years, has seen him champion a number of decisions that have changed the course of business for the organisations he’s served. He brings a strength of character to ask the tough questions, vision to take a calculated risk, and the gut instinct to get it right. More recently, he has established his own firm of chartered accountants and broadened his business interests into Australia, where he and his family are now based.

Mark holds a degree in commerce, is a qualified chartered accountant and a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Mark has had extensive experience in the financial management and governance of medium-sized enterprises.

An avid volunteer, Mark has willingly offered his services to the Kela Foundation.

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